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10 Most Liked US Cities

Watching any professional sports team play a game on TV is enough to show you how passionately Americans feel about their origins. U.S. cities are possible as adored by Americans as apple pie, Chevrolet, red white and blue, and Old Glory.

Local polls were assessed by Money Nation to compile a list of the US cities with the most love from Americans. Big and small, some of those that made the list might surprise you.

10 Most Liked US Cities

1- Portland, Oregon – The most popular city in America is, in fact, “Portlandia.” Though it may not have a major Leave Baseball team or NFL, 52% of the American population is fond of it for a multitude of reasons, including the laid-back lifestyle, culture, great public transportation available, and the welcoming citizens. The fact that it is one of the greatest micro-brew cities doesn’t hurt either!

2- Seattle, Washington – Seattle is rated even more popular than Portland in some polls, which can maybe be attributed to the MLB, NFL and Major League Soccer franchises. Additionally, Seattle boasts Bill Gates, Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon’s factories. The laid-back lifestyle makes up for the weather, and aside from that, few bad things can be said about the city. Unlike other metropolises, Seattle lacks a reputation for organized crime, corruption and poverty.

3- Oakland, California – San Francisco lies just over the bay from this city recently voted as the most exciting city in America. We find it a bit surprising to see that Oakland has so many fans; potentially it’s because the Raiders have more fans than we anticipated.

4- Boston, Massachusetts – Boston seems to be loved by all but fans of the New York Yankees. According to the polls taken, 52% of Americans adore the birthplace of the American Revolution. After the World Series was won by the Red Sox, Red Sox nation grew immensely.

5- Phoenix, Arizona – The primarily warm weather patterns are a great asset of Phoenix, the desert metropolis, for many Americans. Polls reveal that 49% of the American population loves Phoenix—in the winter, that is. The poll didn’t specify exactly how citizens feel about the scalding 110 degrees in the shade that the city experiences in the hot summer months!

6- Taos, New Mexico – The Spanish historical outpost is a very popular town for Americans. Counterculture types and artists seem to flock here, attracted by a great, world-class music festival that brings together visits from across the globe. As far as small cities go, Taos just might be the most popular.

7- New York City – There are lots of Big Apple fans, seeing as about 49% of citizens enjoy the largest city America has to offer. Who knows if this is a reflection of people who would like to simply visit or actually set up a life there. A lot of these votes may be a result of New York’s presentation by the media—there really is no place like the Big Apple.

8- Atlanta – Georgia’s capital has grown into the South’s center and the quickest expanding metropolis in America. 51% of Americans are fond of Atlanta, where many residents tend to be northeast and Rust Belt refugees.

9- Austin, Texas – Texas’s capital and university town has recently been on a roll lately, reinventing itself to become a haven for the high tech and a counterculture center. Those looking to distance themselves from California find themselves quite happy in Austin. Austin is so popular, in fact, that British Airways began recently offering nonstop flights between Austin and London’s Heathrow.

10- Cupertino, California – One of the most beloved companies of America, Apple itself, calls Cupertino home. The only downside of this city is that the majority of Americans cannot afford to live here or the nearby area surrounding San Francisco.

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