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Best 10 Real Estate Markets in 2014

The 10 best options for 2014 real estate investors to come out with a decent profit can be found all over the U.S. and are often located in cities where a local economy has had a major issue with foreclosures. Still, states having the greatest number of foreclosures, such as Illinois, Ohio and Florida don’t always boast the qualities that investors are looking for.

The values of homes have been increasing in a number of areas across the country during the last year, even increases in the double digits in some of the harder hit ares such as the foreclosure capital of the nation for over four straight years, Las Vegas. As sales of homes decline as a result of greater mortgage rates and a softer economy, it looks less likely for the prices of homes to further increase.

RankMetro Areas
1Albuquerque, NM
2Atlanta, GA
3Las Vegas, NV
4Denver, CO
5San Antonio, TX
6Eugene, OR
7Orlando, FL
8Miami, FL
9Santa Maria, CA
10Boulder, CO

Still, certain housing markets remain above the rest, attracting investors to purchase real estate in other locations. Some exceptions might include the rule of investors to purchase 2014 investment property in search of better locations that will allow them to make a profit.

Money Journal’s top 10 investors list is led by Albuquerque, New Mexico this year, which is coming back into a real estate market with more strength and greater mobile economy than the one it was known for once. Second on the list is Atlanta, Georgia, the strongest city in the southeast moving back into a more prosperous economic position.

The Great Recession hit Atlanta hard, but things are turning around with consumers purchasing more and making more real estate investments and businesses hiring workers once more.

A lot of recovering remains to be done in Las Vegas, who holds the third position on the list, over 26% being the average appreciation over the last year. Lawmakers in Nevada could be the deciding factor in the case of homeowners being ripped off by banks as they pass laws to outlaw foreclosures without ownership proof and having short sales forced to be denied or approved within a time span of 30 days within the offer on the home being made.

Holding the fourth place position is Denver, Colorado, which has been abundant with growth in their economy, despite the struggles of much of the rest of the economy. In fifth place lies San Antonio. The annual list represents eight states.

Contrary to the declining foreclosure national trend, foreclosures in February jumped from 14 states a year ago, stated by RealtyTrac. This increase makes clear that the crisis involving foreclose definitely has not run its course, allotting ample time for investors to track down the bargain they are looking for to gain profits.

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