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Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

Your best option of cities in which to purchase a house and put your money in 2013 real estate are as follows, according to Money Journal. These locations have foreclosed home surpluses and an abundance of short sales to select from at the lowest prices the country has to offer. Those in the market to score a great deal in real estate to turn a profit have to get a move on, though, as the government is designing plans to target investor led groups to sell many homes at significant discounts. This has led to a decrease in available discounted homes, but take caution because drawbacks are often present in these cities, such as the eviction backlog in much of New York homeowners are facing when previous owners refuse to abandon their former houses. In a number of cases, this has taken over a year.

Best US Cities to Invest
 1Orlando, FL
 2New York City, NY
 3Poughkeepsie, NY
 4Youngstown, OH
 5Philadelphia, PA
 6Chicago, IL
 7Jacksonville, FL
 8Palm Beach, FL
 9Indianapolis, IN
10El Paso, TX

These cities are among some of the hardest hit in the nation as far as real estate is concerned. In the lead is Orlando, Florida, with their large selection of properties. Many homes for sale are actually unlisted by real estate agents on the open market. Take a look at the websites of major banks to find listings and check out Fannie Mae’s website. Auction companies list homes both on and offline.

The next best place to find real estate bargains is New York City itself, including Manhattan and all its high prices, as well as the other six Burroughs also in New York. The smaller city of Poughkeepsie in New York holds third place, just above Youngstown Ohio, a great place to find deals on older properties in a college town.

Philadelphia’s vibrant economy features very decent real estate prices unlike many other of the nation’s areas in the bubble year’s duration. The list is rounded out by greater Chicagoland, Florida’s Jacksonville and Palm Beach, followed by Indianapolis, Indiana and Texas’s El Paso.

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