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Cheapest Summer Vacation Deals

You don’t need to have a second mortgage taken out just to enjoy a summer vacation to remember. You don’t need to let limited income, rising gas prices and increasing theme park and hotel rates ruin your amazing vacation plans.

A lot of people tend to overlook the possibility of enjoying a “staycation.” This means to stay at home and take in all the pleasures of your own location. When it comes to vacation, most of the money is spent on food, accommodations and travel. Without these, it’s possible to enjoy an affordable vacation.

Planning a Staycation

Look for local attractions to eliminate the necessity of traveling. You’ll probably find tourist attractions nearby you’ve never taken the time to enjoy. Many residents of Brooklyn have never taken the time to see the Statue of Liberty, the Yankee Stadium or the Empire State Building.

A travel alternative is to list all forms of local entertainment including theme parks, local sports teams, casinos, golf courses, national parks, beaches, shopping, landmarks, historical sites and museums. Look for anything you anticipate will be enjoyed by your family.

Try and keep the drive to under a couple of hours. Make your concentration somewhere you’ve never seen or trying something new. To keep the fun of the trip up, go without a schedule, cell phone or packed lunch. It’s not about rushing, but having a good time.

Examples of Staycation Fun

See what local upcoming events there are and coincide these with your staycation, so long as they are things you would like to do. Perhaps your favorite band is going on tour this summer or you’ll find a Broadway play road show. Summertime is prime time for fun events happening in any city, including street fairs, traveling exhibitions, car shows and conventions. Give comedy clubs, local concerts and theaters a chance. See if any of your city’s teams are playing the Red Sox or Yankees this summer. Remember that you can pick up weekday game tickets at great deals. You’ll find great promotions on the website of MLB franchises.

You can find some cheap options involve commuter trains and public transit. Find a subway, bur, commuter rail or light rail in your city and explore. It might teach you something new about the place where you live!

When done correctly, you can really enjoy a staycation. It saves you the expense and stress of travel and you’ll enjoy the luxury and amenities of your own home. Take time to watch all the accumulating DVDs you never had time to watch before with your family!

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