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Cities With Lowest Grocery Prices

According to a study Money Journal conducted, Las Vegas, despite its reputation as an affordable destination with a real estate market that has been low since the crash, is a destination with considerably high prices of groceries. Despite what you may think, the U.S. lowest priced groceries in the country are not as simple to find as you probably anticipate.

A can of coffee that would be charged as $5.11 in North Georgia will ring up to $5.80 for those in Vegas. It’s unclear the reason for this price gap, but may be attributed to the fact that Nevada has some of the highest tax in the nation on sales. Locals may not be paying income taxes, but they are cut no breaks on their groceries. One of the reasons behind the higher cost of food may be a result of the cost of transporting the food to Las Vegas through the desert.

Although the move from Atlanta to Vegas would result in an increase of your grocery spending, it would increase even more if you moved to Los Angeles. A box of cereal that would set you back $3.64 if you were in Las Vegas would increase to $4.02 for those at a local grocery store in Los Angeles. Some foods, however, such as hamburger and steak were cheaper for those in L.A. than those in Vegas. The cost of parmesan cheese drops from $4.70 in Las Vegas to $4.49 in Los Angeles.

You’ll Eat Cheaper in New York

Despite New York’s reputation for being high-priced, you will find that the prices of groceries are similar to those found within Las Vegas. You’ll spend $3.88 on a quart of canola oil in New York and $3.95 in Vegas. An individual moving from LAs Vegas to New York (or vice versa) wouldn’t need to make much adjustment to their grocery budget. Even the prices in Atlanta were higher, where potato chips costing $2.90 in the Big Apple would ring up as nearly a dollar more at $3.82 in Atlanta.

Taxes Confuse
It’s important to keep in mind that certain states do not require individuals to pay income tax, and this may affect the prices of groceries. In states including Colorado, sales tax is not added onto food (it’s still added onto inedible items such as laundry detergent and toothpaste though!)

Shop Around
Always consider that the more supermarkets a city has, the better chances you will see a lower grocery bill, because competition keeps prices down. These comparisons also do not take specials or sales into account.
If you are looking at moving, take a look at the city’s supermarkets. When there’s only one store or chain of stores, the lack of competition will drive the prices up. Retailers including Costco and Walmart will help bring the prices down, while a local Trader Joe’s tends to decrease higher-end food costs as well as wine and beer prices.

When in search of a place to start a new life, check out supermarkets in the local area and observe their prices. The true living cost will be easier to assess that way than it would be even by looking online. Ask locals where they do their shopping; they might have some tricks up their sleeve to keep the grocery bill down that newcomers wouldn’t know.

Despite the fact that you may spend more on food by living in Las Vegas or another location with comparable prices, there is still a lot of money to be saved in other areas of life, such as the housing market, where you’ll pay half the cost for a house as you might in New York City.

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