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When to Say No to the Boss

One of the most challenging aspects of holding onto your job can be knowing when it is time to tell your boss no, but a lot of people remain unaware of this fact. A number of people bring misery into their lives by being unable to simply confront their boss and utter the simple word “no.”

It is quite admirable to desire to be the best employee you can be and avoid obtaining the reputation of being unaccommodating and troublesome, so you hold yourself back from telling them no. Still, times present themselves where saying no to your boss is completely necessary.

The majority of issues experienced between employee and employer derive from miscommunication. Either party is incapable of achieving effectual communication and therefore, it is unclear what is happening.

Make sure your boss is fully aware of the goings on of your life as well as what is happening with your work. If a change occurs that is going to affect your workload or availability, it is imperative to update your boss of the situation.

When It Is Time To Tell Your Boss No

First and foremost, tell your boss no if his request is immoral, illegal, or in violation of company policy. In the event that this is an issue, attempt to make clear to your boss the reason why you are refusing to comply. They may or may not be aware that their request is not okay. In a situation where your boss does not back down, you must decide whether you are going to walk away from the job or negotiate with them to be reasonable.

In the event that your employer requests that you do something that puts you in harm’s way or endangers other’s safety, you must be adamant about telling them no. There is no job that is worth risking health or your life for. Again, explain your reasoning behind refusing.

If you are enjoying time off the job, regardless of what certain individuals may preach, it is completely acceptable to tell your boss no when you are enjoying a vacation or bonding time with family. A number of people overwork themselves by handing every free moment they have to their job. It is a really good policy to let your boss know if you will be gone for the weekend and they will be unable to contact you.

If your reasoning for being unable to work is related to your health, you should always refuse your boss’s requests for you to come in to work. Always remember that your personal health comes before any job. Exhausting yourself when you are physically incapable of work, things will only get worse for you. Be sure to inform your boss the reason why you cannot work.

If you are asked to perform a task that is the responsibility of someone else, remember that it is acceptable for you to tell them no. Everyone has been faced with this challenge when another individual neglects their job. When your boss tries to get you to do their work on top of your own, you can say no. It is okay once in awhile in the even of an emergency, but consistently covering another person’s tasks is not your responsibility. Explain to your boss that you are not capable of doing another person’s job in addition to your own.

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