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auto-decalsEarly in 2014, I stumbled onto a company by the name of WrapMatch. I used their service for about two months and I wrote an initial review on this website.

After hearing some intriguing things about how WrapMatch has changed their business model, I decided to give it another try and write a whole new review of the service! Without further ado, here is my WrapMatch review!

Edit: August 18, 2015
After hearing some mixed feedback on WrapMatch, I would like to advise you proceed at your own risk. If you would like to learn the step-by-step procedure to start your own online business, try my 100% free online course.

WrapMatch Review: What Is WrapMatch?

WrapMatch is a car advertisement company. When you’re out driving around town, you may occasionally notice a car that has a decal in its rear window advertising a product or service (such as the one in the picture to the left). A lot of times, this just means the owner of that vehicle owns the business, but there are also businesses out there who are interested in paying individuals to advertise for their business with these decals. That’s where WrapMatch comes in.

History of WrapMatch and Car Advertisement

In the late-90’s and early 2000’s, there was a brief period of time where individuals were getting paid anywhere between $50 and $500 per month for car advertisement, depending on the size of decal they were willing to put on their cars. Unfortunately, what businesses found out is that this model of car advertisement was rarely ever worth the money. There was no way to be sure people were actually displaying the decal on their car at all, and the return on investment for the business was so varied that a flat monthly payment model just wasn’t working.

Early in WrapMatch’s history, they attempted the traditional car advertisement monthly payment model with mixed results. Ultimately, they found out that there were far more people interested in this easy money than there were businesses willing to pay a flat monthly fee to complete strangers with no real way to track the ads’ effectiveness. WrapMatch tried many different things to satisfy their customers (individuals looking to be paid), including offering gift cards as payment for filler campaigns when they were having trouble getting matched with businesses. Their customers didn’t like that model, and WrapMatch listened.

WrapMatch has moved to an entirely different model, which essentially pays you based on the performance of your advertisement. This solves the problem of businesses worrying about paying a flat monthly fee for nothing, and actually opens up the door for you to make more money. Think about it: if a business was paying you $50 per month for your advertisement, but they were bringing in $1,000+ per month in referrals, that’s not a very good deal for you, is it? At the same time, if you’re being paid $50 per month, and you install the decal on a car that spends most of the year sitting in a storage unit somewhere, that’s not a very good deal for the advertisers. In this way, WrapMatch’s new business model is innovative and effective for everyone involved. It isn’t the same kind of easy money people used to be paid for this type of advertising, but the potential is so much greater.

How Does WrapMatch Car Advertisement Work?

To be completely honest, there is an upfront investment involved for you. Once you register on WrapMatch’s website, you’ll receive a call from one of WrapMatch’s employees who will help you finish your application. For liability purposes, they will need to check your driving record to make sure it is relatively clean (I have heard that they’re only looking for DUI convictions – not things like speeding tickets). You will have the option of paying $29.99 for this, but if you sign up that same day, WrapMatch will cover $20 of the cost, reducing your cost to $9.99.

To take advantage of WrapMatch’s new business model for car advertisement, you will need to pay a monthly fee of $7.99 for their premium membership. Within two weeks, you will receive your first match! This match will consist of a decal with two telephone numbers: One will be for the business you’ve been matched with (ie: A Credit Report/Repair company) and the other will be a personalized telephone number promoting WrapMatch’s services. From there, you just have to put the decal in your rear window and wait for the referrals to start rolling in. When someone calls your personalized WrapMatch number and signs up for the service, you get paid $10. If someone calls the number for the business you’ve been matched with, you get even more. Their affiliation with CreditRepair,com, for example, pays out $50 when someone calls and signs up. Since you’re paying $7.99 per month, a single sign-up from either of the phone numbers on your decal will pay for the membership and start putting profits in your pocket.

What Happens if I Cancel the Premium Membership?

Just because you cancel the premium membership does not mean you can’t get matched with a campaign. WrapMatch actually keeps your profile in their database forever. This way, if a business approaches them and requests a specific type of car or advertising in a specific area, you may receive a call from WrapMatch in the future with a match opportunity. The difference is that when you pay the premium membership, you’ve got a WrapMatch team member actively working on getting you matched, versus having to wait for a business to choose you. With that said, my advice would be that if you’re going to do this, you’d might as well give the premium membership a try.

Is Car Advertisement a Scam?

Conventional wisdom says you should never have to pay money to advertise for a business. That seems silly, right? If they’re going to pay you anyway, then why can’t they just get their money directly from the businesses that are paying for the advertising? Unfortunately, there are some upfront costs that WrapMatch incurs for the thousands of people who want to take advantage of vehicle decal advertising. In addition to the driving record, the decals themselves cost money, the unique phone numbers cost money, and the employees that make all this happen like to get paid, too! This is the purpose of the $7.99 per month premium fee.

Make no mistake: this is not a “money for nothing” deal. Since the success or failure of your advertising campaign will depend on how many people call your unique phone number, you naturally have an incentive to put your car in places where it will be seen. I’ve found out that keeping my car in the driveway (instead of the garage) during the daylight hours seems like a good idea. I’ve also found out that if I leave for work 30 minutes early, I can park at the bottom floor of my parking garage, thus ensuring my car is seen by all of the 500+ cars that go in and out of the parking garage each day.

My Bottom-Line Advice

As I’ve said a few times already, this is not free money. That said, car advertisement through WrapMatch is real, and it is legitimate. There is a monthly subscription involved, and there’s always the slight possibility that you’ll find out that your car just doesn’t get enough exposure to justify the expense. For the low cost to try, however, I think it’s worth at least giving it a shot. If you try it for a few months and it’s not getting the results you’re looking for, then you can cancel and you’ve spent less than $40 total. To me, it’s a low risk, high potential reward deal. Generate 10 or 15 calls per month, and you could be making significant extra cash.

At the end of the day, our vehicles are moving billboards. You’ve undoubtedly got a decal on your car (and probably a license plate holder) that gives free advertising to the car dealership you bought it from (dealerships in America make millions annually using this sneaky method). WrapMatch is just that same concept, except at a bit larger scale and you get reimbursed based on the effectiveness of your ad. All the eyes that see your car on a daily basis could be worth some money.

Do you have other questions about WrapMatch? If you leave a comment below, I will answer your question promptly and honestly! 


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  • lissa ofalsa

    I ve paid every thing they have asked for…been 2 wks…..nothing Nada zip… Is this a scam

  • Tessa

    I’m very interested in this company and doing business with them. I’m going to dive in head first and hope for the best but your review has given me the confidence to do so. I’ll try to report back with my experience.

    • Sam Oh

      I’d love to hear about your experience 🙂

  • Heather N Rashad Columbus

    I believe this is a scam I’ve tried calling and left messages for customer service to call me back and have yet received a phone call back! That has SCAM written all over it. Now i have to write a dispute letter to my credit card company.

    • Sam Oh

      Interesting…I’ve heard some mixed reviews about Wrapmatch. This article was not written by me, but if you have any updates to your case, I’d love to hear about it. All the best in your dispute.

  • Carlos

    Do you have experiences from other people about this? I just signed up today and I’m feeling a little bit anxious.


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