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How to Start a Blog Post: Hook Your Readers in 30 Seconds | M2M Episode 18

Writing a blog post can be challenging when you don't know where to start. Use the pain point, solution and promise model to hook your readers in under 30 seconds.

Advertising on Pinterest: Do Promoted Pins Work? The How and Why | M2M Episode 17

Pinterest advertising is the newest way to get traction in the PPC world. With its low cost-per-click campaigns and an audience of hungry buyers, it is the perfect place to grow your business.

4 Content Marketing Tips That Smart Marketers Use For Explosive Traffic | M2M Episode 16

In episode 16, learn the 4 content marketing tips that smart marketers are using to get more traffic and leads through content creation.

Advanced PPC Landing Page Best Practices (Beyond Design) | M2M Episode 15

Optimizing landing pages for lead generation and conversion means you need to go beyond design. This video will show you how to use keyword intent and segmentation to nail your PPC landing page best practices.

Landing Page Design Tips: The Secrets to High Converting Pages | M2M Episode 14

The design of landing pages play a crucial role on more than just the eyes. These 7 landing page design tips will reveal both psychological and aesthetic changes you can make for higher converting landing pages.

SEO vs. PPC: How to Get Leads From Both Traffic Sources | M2M Episode 13

Getting leads through pay-per-click (PPC) traffic and SEO are different. The require different strategies to get leads effectively. In this episode, you'll learn the different lead generation strategies for PPC vs. SEO traffic.

Increase Facebook Engagement with the 3C Method | M2M Episode 12

Facebook engagement is about creating a social experience for your audience. Sometimes that means using a cat in your video.

What Keywords Should I Use For My Website? | M2M Episode 11

SEO and keyword usage isn't about just about using high volume keyword phrases. Use this keyword competition analysis to see what keywords to use for your website.

How to Build an Email List Fast | M2M Episode 10

Building a quality email list takes time. But there are shortcuts you can take to grow your email list fast. In this episode, you'll learn the step-by-step strategy for a contest to build your list quickly.

How to Increase Email Open Rates With a 5 Second Hack | M2M Episode 9

By increasing your email open rates, you're getting more people to consume your content and buy your products. Learn how a simple 5 second hack can get you higher email open rates every single time.


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