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M2M Episode 4: Should I use Email Signup Popups?

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What is up everyone? Sam here from Money Journal and welcome to episode 4 of marketing in two minutes.

Today I’ll be covering a question that a lot of people are scared to do. Here it is:

Should I use pop ups to get subscribers, leads and opt-ins?

Let’s go.

Pop-ups….they’re annoying right?

But they’re also really effective.

There are two popups you can use to that will actually increase your opt-in rates without pissing people off.

#1. Is the Sumome welcome mat.

When someone visits your site, the “pop-up” takes over the full screen with a compelling offer. They can either choose – yes, no or leave your site completely. Most people will choose yes or no.

One of the sites I was working on was getting less than 10 new subscribers per day.

I added the welcome mat with a free offer and BOOM.

85 sign ups that day. Then 320 the next day. What was I offering?

A free recipe book to a target audience of stay-at-home moms.

Welcome mats work and they’re freaking awesome.

#2 is the exit intent popup.

The exit intent works when someone is about to leave your page and then a pop-up appears. There are the scammy ones where it says “Are you sure you want to leave? Get this product for 95% off.”

This is what your visitors are thinking when they see that.

Yes. I’m sure I want to leave. And now I have to scan my computer for malware. Thanks a lot.

Those are annoying. Don’t do that. You’re cheapening your brand and almost guaranteeing to brand yourself as a scam.


The ones that work well get people to sign up for a relevant offer or a relevant newsletter where you can deliver real value.

LeadPages does the job perfectly and I highly recommend getting it.

The key to both of these is traffic and to offer the visitor something more than they actually came for. But it has to be hyper relevant to their intent.

Why did they click on your blog post? What can you offer that will enhance their experience on your blog? And are you actually going to deliver it?

Think intent and then those pop-ups are actually less annoying. They become helpful.

A wise man once said…”there’s a time and place for everything.”

The same life principle applies to pop-ups.

Question of the day

What do you think about pop-ups? Are they more helpful or hurtful to websites?

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Author: Sam Oh
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