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M2M Episode 3: How to Promote Your Website with Blogger Outreach

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Welcome to episode 3 of Marketing in Two Minutes. I’m Sam Oh the founder of Money Journal and  today, we’re taking a question from Mark T.

Mark asked:

How do you strategist and execute a blogger outreach program and approach influencers to promote your brand, website or product.

Well Mark, I have some answers for you on a simple strategy to increase the probability of having the right people share your brand.

Let’s go.

Blogger outreach is the smartest thing you can do for your brand.

But there’s more to it then asking and then them doing it.

There are 3 steps to this strategy that will help you get influencers to share your blog posts.

Step 1: Find people with similar interests.

There’s a tool called Buzzsumo that does this for you in a couple ways.

Make an account and go to the influencers tab. If you’re in the social media marketing industry, you might type something like “Facebook advertising.”

You’ll see a list of key influencers and can view all of the tweets they’ve shared to get a feel for content they find share worthy.

Another way is to use their content research tool. Again, you might type something like “Facebook advertising strategy”. The results will show you the most shared articles from around the web.

Click on “View Sharers” and you’ll see everyone who has shared a specific post.

Follow them on Twitter and add them to a custom Twitter list for you to engage with. Share their stuff, comment on it and get your name and face out there.

Step 2: Create share worthy content.

Search through the content explorer for popular topics and create epic stuff that fills in the gaps around these topics.

Don’t just rehash it. Look for commonalities and take a new angle with more insight on what hasn’t been mentioned.

Now mention, link to and contact influencers you got ideas from

Step 3: Pitch the influencers you gathered in step 1.

You can go for the desperate hard sell or the soft sell.

Here’s what a soft sell email might look like:

Hi Gary, I was browsing through Twitter and noticed you shared Rick’s article on Facebook advertising. I loved this piece too, but found it was missing [whatever was missing].

I just published a new Facebook strategy that produced a 575% ROI with one simple tweak.

Let me know if you’d like to check it out.

If they respond, send them the link and a polite nudge for a share.

This strategy is a numbers game, but if you stick with it, you’ll get WAY better results than publishing another crappy article about discounts and why your product is the best.


Because  no one cares….yet

Question of the day

This tactic works all the time. Are you up for the challenge in making it work for your business?

Follow or a contribute. Either way, I look forward to serving your online marketing needs.
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Author: Sam Oh
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