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Increase Facebook Engagement with the 3C Method | M2M Episode 12

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In episode 12, we’re talking about how you can increase engagement on Facebook with cat videos.

No click bait please.

Let’s go.

Facebook’s organic reach has plummeted. And just like Google, they are constantly changing their algorithm to provide the most relevant and popular timeline posts to their users.

Here’s the best tip you’ll ever get on engaging people on Facebook.

Create a social experience.

People don’t go on Facebook with credit card in hand. They want to be entertained, humored or even devastated.

It’s your job to create that experience for your audience no matter how big or small.

So how do you get shares, comments and reactions on Facebook?

Follow this 3C method to boost your engagement metrics.

Consistency is Queen

First is consistency. When I first took over this Facebook page, it was sitting at around 10,500 likes. But take a look at the engagement stats.

Reach was always under 10% of the fan size and engagement was non-existent.

The first thing we did was to add consistency to the equation with the intent to engage the current audience. With consistency comes more data and lets you understand what your audience resonates with.

And guess what?

As you entertain your current audience, more people like them will start to gravitate to your Facebook page and you’ll see a steady growth of new fans.

Content is King

Second is content.

Whether you share an image, a video, a blog post, a rant or a question, it’s recommended to have a mix of different content types.

After a month, look through your Facebook insights to see what’s working and what isn’t. Then create a schedule with post frequencies and content types.

With the page stats I’m showing you, we chose to post 4 times per day with 2 interesting articles, a video and an image quote.

Cat Videos go Viral

The last “C” is cat videos.

I’m not telling you to actually post cat videos. Cat videos often go viral because people can relate to them or feel some kind of emotion. They might think it’s funny, cute, sad or downright obnoxious.

Post short videos that your target audience can relate to and feel from. If you can create the right set of emotions, your organic reach and engagement will be lights out.

Now it’s your turn.

Building engagement on Facebook isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. If your audience lives there, then invest your time in creating a place where they can get the social experience they want.

I put together a private free training video where I’ll show you two more strategies to drive your Facebook engagement through the roof.

The first strategy will show you how to get your brand shared like wildfire and the second is to leverage your competitor’s data.

You can get instant access to the training video by signing up at here.

If you have any questions on Facebook engagement, leave a comment and I’d be happy to help out.

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Author: Sam Oh
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