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How to Increase Time on Site For Your Visitors | M2M Episode 8

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You’ve probably seen an “Average time on page” in your Google Analytics.

While we can’t definitively say that a higher time on page equals more engagement, we can hypothesize that the longer they spend on a blog post, the more content they’re consuming.

So how do we get people to keep reading and stay engaged with our content?

I’ve got 6 tips you’re going to love.

1. Create visual content.

Blog Pros analyzed over 1100 blog posts and found that the most popular ones had at least one image every 350 words.

Images keep people engaged and break eyes away from blobs of text.

Screenshots work great for how-to articles.

2. Write in short sentences and short paragraphs.

Long sentences are hard to digest. You’re not writing an academic paper here. People want to be entertained and get answers quick.

In my blog posts, I even add 3 word sentences. Like: “Here’s the deal.”

Or even 1 “worders” like “Look:”

Add these short sentences in areas where people might disengage.

3. Add short videos within your blog posts.

Videos can even be as short as 30 seconds. If your content leads up to your video demo, people will play it. This will add to their time on site and increase engagement.

4. Link to old blog posts.

Internal linking isn’t only for SEO. It’s going to slash your bounce rate and increase your visitor’s session duration.

They’re going to eat up more of your content and as a result, your time on site is going to go up.

5. Readability.

Typography is massive in the advertising industry. The same goes for content.

If you’re writing with a 10 point font and reading the same line again, then adjust your font-size, text spacing and maybe even your font.

6: Add an exit pop-up.

Use exit pop-ups to convert visitors into subscribers. Offer them something like a free eBook or something that’s going to make them want to stay connected to you.

Use these tactics to decrease bounce rate and increase your visitor’s time on page.

Now it’s your turn.

I gave you 6 solid tips that will get your visitors to consume more of your content.

And I got one more bonus for you. I put together a PDF checklist that you can print up and work with as you go through this process.

Look through your Google Analytics, identify some of your weakest content and try using these tips.

If you follow the checklist, I’m confident that you’ll increase engagement and see changes in your time on site and bounce rate.

Let me know which tactic you’re going to implement in your next blog post.


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Author: Sam Oh
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