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SEO vs. PPC: How to Get Leads From Both Traffic Sources | M2M Episode 13

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In episode 13, we’re going to explore lead generation using SEO vs. PPC. You’re in for a doozy.

Let’s go.

In 2016, it’s hard to get ranked in search engines for sales pages, product pages and landing pages. They’ll either lack links or content that targets keywords effectively.

Pay per click on the other hand is as good as your wallet goes. Once you stop paying, your ads stop showing.

Take a look at the google results here for a popular search phrase like “How to make a website.”

You’ll see that the paid ads like Shopify and WordPress offer free trials or have website builders where you need to pay to use their premium services.

Websites that rank well have free tutorials like website setup and CodeAcademy. People link to helpful content and not so much free trials.

So let’s talk about getting leads through both channels.

Getting Leads Through PPC

If you click on the Shopify ad, then you’re sent to a landing page where they ask for your email address to get started.

This is what paid advertising is for. Your primary goal is to capture a lead and to use short points that highlight the user’s benefits to sign up through landing pages.

When running your paid campaigns, use multiple landing pages to target different people’s personas. If you’re targeting elite athletes, you might highlight benefits of strength and endurance.

But you can sell the same product to someone who owns a beauty salon. Your copy and design can be focused on finesse and class.

Landing pages are the best way to capture leads and if you’re paying for it, then go for it.

Lead Generation With SEO

Now onto SEO. If we click on one of the top 10 results, you’ll see a blog post with 6160 words. There are 2 effective lead generation strategies you can use.

The first is to embed an offer within your blog post. Throughout my blog, I have free offers embedded into almost every post.

When someone clicks the link, they need to enter their email in order to get the freebie.

Contextual advertising works well, which is why Facebook ads are so effective. They’re right in the face of where people are already reading.

Finally is the exit pop-up. As someone is about to leave the page, a pop-up appears with an offer. Create relevant exit pop-ups to your post and you’ll start to see more and more leads with every piece of content you rank for.

Now it’s your turn.

Now you might be thinking:

Sam, this sounds great, but I have no idea where to start. I put together an optimization checklist that’s going to help you get more leads without creating more content.

Whether you have 10 visitors/month or a million, you will get better results by putting the checklist into action step-by-step.

So what do you think about these strategies? Let me know in the comments which one you’re going to try out.

Contextual lead capture, exit pop ups or persona targeting with different landing pages.

Until the next episode, remember to take action because every minute counts.

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Author: Sam Oh
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