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is best if…

  • I work best at my own pace. No schedules.
  • I’d rather teach myself than be taught.
  • I don’t appreciate any reminders.
  • I like tons of information in front of me all at once.

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is best if…

  • I work best with deadlines or schedules.
  • I’d rather be taught than teach myself.
  • I appreciate kind reminders.
  • I like to focus task by task, day by day and excel.

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Starting your own Business

Starting your own business isn’t easy and the majority of us shy away when we can’t find a good guide on how to start your own business. I’ve got some awesome news for you: I’ve put together a free informal online course that will help you start your own company and get you running a business from home in no time.

Through this free course, you can expect to attain clarity in your online business goals, start your own website, and understand how to market your new start up. Here’s a little more information on each part:

Business Planning: I’ll give you questions to ask before starting a business. Each question is designed to simplify the thousand thoughts you might have running through your head on paper.

Designing and Developing your Website: You will be able to start your own website that looks and functions beautifully. Coding is not required, although it never hurts to have the know-how.

Marketing your Company: I’ll give you the essential tools and knowledge to start putting your million dollar ideas into action. Marketing is an ongoing effort and it is crucial that you have the proper foundations set up.

We all have different learning styles. Some of us prefer to learn at our own pace with all of the material in front of us and ram right through it. Others would prefer to work through it day by day with deadlines, reminders and helpful tips.

Regardless of the option you choose in starting your own online business, I sincerely hope that my materials will be the right tools for you. After you’ve completed the materials, I’ll make sure to send you more practical tips to market and grow your business as we both build our companies side by side. More importantly, I’ll show you how to be your own boss by setting reachable goals and overcoming mental struggles that only a person running a business from home would understand.

I hope that you’ll join me as you start your own business. Rest assured that we will be journeying together as we strive for nothing less than our best efforts to develop an effective and profitable business.


Start your Own Business Fresh

There's no better time than now to start your own business. Clear your head, grab a cup of coffee/tea and let's get your website from zero to one hundred, real quick.

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