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About Sam Oh aka. The Easter Bunny

I’m Sam Oh, and ‘m a digital marketing consultant. I’ve worked with some baller companies like Ahrefs, world renowned DJs and some of Canada’s finest financial institutions (to name a few).

Running creative marketing experiments are my jam and I share about them here on Money Journal.

Professional Life

I started my first ecommerce website in 2009 and quickly grew it to a multi-six figure passive income stream. The business was acquired in 2012.

Since then, I’ve experimented with businesses on eBay, Amazon, and various other web businesses.

These were fun experiments, but not where my heart was. Later in 2015, my partner and I started a digital marketing agency with a focus on lead generation and SEO.

We grew this business quickly, but with new additions to my family, I decided that no amount of money was worth the 16-hour agency lifestyle that could be better spent with family — especially in my children’s formative years.

Today, I work as Director of Product Education at Ahrefs and own and manage my own portfolio of websites.

Becoming the Easter Bunny

The story of the Easter Bunny originates from Germany. His role was intended to evaluate whether children were good or bad at the start of the season of Eastertide.

The Easter Bunny would carry colored eggs, candy, and sometimes toys in a basket to reward the children.

Giving up the crazy work schedule has allowed me to become the all-year-round Easter Bunny for my family. While I have no desire to “judge” my kids, I now have the time and freedom to be fully present and share in unforgettable experiences, whether it’s March, April, May or whenever.

Here’s a picture of me in an easter bunny costume with a basket of eggs.

easter bunny costume with basket of eggs

So even though the folklore of me being the Easter Bunny is false, I thought this experiment could act as a gift to all those who celebrate both good and bad marketing.


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