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Facebook Groups for Marketing: Find Social Groups That Love Your Content | M2M Episode 7

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Today’s question comes in from XXLRay. Ray asked:

“How do you find social groups e.g. on Facebook, G+ or in forums that are GENUINELY interested in your content?”

Well Mr. XXL Ray, I got some answers for you that’s going to make complete strangers love your content.

Social Groups are today’s equivalent to forums in 2009. Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn – they all have them and they’re great for finding a targeted community of people who will resonate with your content.

But you can’t just join any group, post your stuff and expect people to love you. Think objectively.

This is called “spam.”

They don’t know you and you don’t know them. What you have to do is provide value to the community first and bring contextual relevance between your relationship and your content.

We’ll focus on Facebook for this episode.

Finding groups is easy. Type in a keyword phrase into Facebook’s search bar, click on the groups tab and find a group to join.

The groups you join should have your target audience. People who are going to buy from you or help promote your work.

Once you’re in, read through the group conversations that have built engagement. Whether that’s likes, comments or shares, you need to get a feel for the community culture. If there’s no engagement, move on to the next group.

Step 1. Contribute to the group with thoughtful comments, helpful answers and be liberal with the like button.

Remember, people get notifications every time someone comments or likes their post. And who doesn’t feel good getting likes or comments on their posts?

Next, evaluate common problems and/or topics people are talking about. Identify them and create content that solves these.

If it’s being discussed in the group over and over again, other people are looking for it too.

Finally, share your content. But not in a self-promotional way. They’ll burn you almost as hard as Reddit will.

Say something like…

Hey guys, I’ve been loving this group and the conversations I’ve been having with you. You guys rock! I noticed a common topic was on [this].

I put together a [content type] using some comments from [group member name], [group member name] and [group member name]. Hope you find it helpful.

Now a good chunk of people you’re targeting know who you are and you’ve brought a high level solution to their need. Why wouldn’t they love it?

Congratulations…you’re no longer a spammer.

Now it’s your turn.

This strategy has landed me hundreds of new subscribers and leads. And you can do it too following this process.

I made you a simple checklist that’s going to take you through the entire process step-by-step. Click here to download your checklist.

I’d love to hear about your experiences using different social groups in the comments below.

Follow or contribute. Either way, I look forward to serving your online marketing needs.
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Author: Sam Oh
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