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Landing Page Design Tips: The Secrets to High Converting Pages | M2M Episode 14

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In episode 14, we’re going to get crazy and break the 2 minute rule.


Because we’re going to dig deep into some landing page design tips that will boost your conversion rate through the ceiling.

Are you ready to raise the roof?

Let’s go.

Purpose of a landing page and its anatomy

Landing pages are used for capturing leads for products, services or free offers. Let’s go through the anatomy of a perfect landing page.

First, we have your unique selling proposition. This includes the primary headline, supporting headline, a hero image and a call to action.

This is what people should see the second the page loads which is often referred to as the “fold.”

As you scroll out of the fold, you’ll see some kind of reinforcement and short descriptions of the benefits of opting in.

I’ve got 7 landing page design principles you can easily implement into your lead capture pages today for more conversions.

1. Use a contrasting color on your call to action.

On the Netflix homepage, they have a black overlay on top of their movie titles. Their call to action “join free for a month” stands out because of the bright red on top of the black.

Don’t use colors that blend in. Use something that stands out.

2. Use pictures of real people.

VWO did a study and found that using pictures of real people over paintings or icons had an increased conversion rate by over 95%.

Pictures of real people add an element of trust that no icon will ever do.

3. Use directional cues.

If I ask you to click this button over here, then chances are you probably looked where my eyes and fingers were pointing.

Why? Because they provide a primary focus on your page. Try using arrows or even your eyes like Seth Godin does.

4. Get rid of the links.

The purpose of a landing page is to get the lead. Not to send them to your blog or about page. Navigational links are generally completely removed on landing pages or minimized to stay focused on your one goal.

5. Use social proof or testimonials below your call to action.

Social proof like authority badges, awards and testimonials add trust. And where do you need that the most?

When you’re asking them to take action.

Use it to boost trust and reassurance where you want magic to happen.

6. Use video

A study by Eyeviewdigital shows that video can increase conversion by 80%. Video will increase your visitor’s time on page and clarify benefits that are more easily understood in motion.

7. Stay focused on your message.

Keep your message clear, concise and to the point. Landing pages aren’t meant to tell a story like blog posts.

You have one goal. Get the lead.

Focus on their needs, pain points and how your offer will solve the problem.

Now it’s your turn.

Landing pages aren’t a one-size fits all. You need to try different variations through split testing and see what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to take landing pages to the next level, you can use a downloadable checklist that I made just for this video.

If you have a question about landing page design or optimization, leave a comment and I’d be happy to help. I’m sure others will be able to benefit from your questions too.

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Author: Sam Oh
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