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What To Write About In A Blog: A Drill to Unleash Infinite Topics | M2M Episode 19

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In episode 19, I’m taking a question from David D. David asked:

I’m a real estate agent and have been following your videos. I know that blogging is a good way to get new leads, but I don’t know what to blog about.

What should I write about in a blog in terms of topics and getting ideas?



Well Davie boy, I’ve got one tactic and a drill you can put into action plus a bonus you can download at the end of the video.

Let’s go.

If you’re writing about how to choose a great real estate agent and you happen to possess all of those attributes, then stop.

People are smarter now than they were before and they can sniff sleazy self-promotional tactics that have no inherent value.

The first step is to put yourself in the mindset of giving real value without expecting anything in return.

Once you can get into this mindset, your topic ideas will start flowing.

Borrow Popular Blog Topic Ideas

First, my tool of choice for topic generation is BuzzSumo. Type in a topic idea like your niche name or a micro topic around it.

If I type in “real estate”, then you’ll see the most popular articles around the web related to that topic.

From here, you can start generating topics around historically proven pieces that have shown success in the social hemisphere.

Look at this one here from Buzzfeed: “40 Easy DIYs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Home.”

Take this idea from a different angle. If you want to target people that are selling their home, you can give value by providing X affordable renovation ideas to dramatically upgrade the value of your home.


Because homeowners care about getting the most money for their home.

The Blog Topic Generator Drill

Here’s a little exercise or drill you can put into action. This exercise is about free writing what’s on your mind, so don’t worry if some of the ideas suck.

Set a 10-minute timer and ask yourself these questions:

What problems do people face before buying? Why did I get into this profession? What am I passionate about in this industry? What are common questions I get from clients? What are mistakes people make in your industry? What tools do you use to excel? What is changing in your industry? What do you wish you knew before you made a purchase.

Stop your timer.

Set a new 15-minute timer

Now take your answers and start breaking them down into micro topics.

If a common problem is saving enough money to buy a home, you might break that down into a few ideas like government credits, low-rate mortgages, areas with under priced homes and a savings strategy to buy your dream home in 3 years.

Within 25 minutes, you should come up with at least 40-50 new working ideas you can blog about.


I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and will put this simple exercise into action.

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Also, I put together a bonus template for you that you can use for this exercise. Click here to download your worksheet, enter your name and email and I’ll send it to your inbox.

In the next episode, I’m going to show you a simple 2-minute keyword research strategy to know whether a topic is worth targeting for search engine traffic so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Finally, try this exercise and let me know in the comments below the total number of topics you were able to get in 25 minutes of uninterrupted brainstorming time.

Until the next episode, remember to take action because every minute counts.

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