How to Get More Leads Without Paying for Ads or Cold Calling

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How to Get More Leads Without Paying for Ads or Cold Calling


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The Greatest Lesson From 1.5 Million Leads

"The problem with lead generation today is that small businesses are focusing on the wrong things. They want the sale over the relationship. They think that a better product means more revenue.

This is just flat out wrong.

If you can help customers through their buying journey and adopt the core fundamentals to highly successful lead generation campaigns, you will soar miles ahead of your competition."

Sam Oh - Marketing Consultant and Founder of Money Journal 

During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

  • The Three Secrets To Highly Successful Lead Generation. In order to turn more leads into customers, you need to understand where prospects are in their buying journey. You'll learn the 3 secrets to wildly successful lead generation campaigns and how you can create authentic desire for your brand.

  • How To Automate 90%+ Of Your Lead Generation And Sales. If you're not automating a good chunk of your business, then you're wasting time and money. In this webinar, I'm going to show you the tasks you can automate so you can focus on the areas of your business where you're needed most and that you love doing.

  • Exclusive Over The Shoulder View of My Lead Generation System That Generates Over $35,000/month. Rather than giving you theory, I want to give you a behind the scenes look at one of my lead generation funnels that you can copy and use for your business. Oh's fully automated.

  • Online Lead Generation Fundamentals That Will Take You Farther Than Any Tactic Ever Can. If you don't understand the fundamentals of online lead generation, then no tactic will help you generate leads and make sales. I'm going to teach you how you can reverse engineer the roles and have people searching for you instead of you begging for their business.

WARNING: Space is limited and these trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.