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Advanced PPC Landing Page Best Practices (Beyond Design) | M2M Episode 15

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Today, we’re going to build off episode 14 and go deep into pay-per click (PPC) landing page best practices so you can optimize your landing pages for better lead generation and conversions.

If you haven’t watched episode 14 on the essential design tips for landing pages….

Shame on you.

If you’re all caught up….

Then let’s go.

2 Keys to Optimize Landing Pages for Lead Generation and Conversion

I’m going to give you 2 things to focus on for optimizing landing pages for lead generation and conversion. These tips will be the most effective when using landing pages in your paid advertising campaigns.

The first is intent.

If you’re using Google Adwords Keyword Planner or another keyword targeting platform, then you need to start by thinking intent.

If someone searches for:

“buy a house in Toronto”

Then what do you think they want to do?

They want to buy. Here’s what happened when I typed that into Google.

poor targeting

Someone is advertising to sell your home for top market value. They’re presenting the opposite advertisement for my intent.

When choosing your PPC keywords in Adwords, you want to choose keywords that match the content of your landing page.

If you’re a real estate agent, then the smarter route would be to target different keyword groups for both the buy and sell sides with completely different landing pages. This leads us to the second PPC best practice.

Segment Landing Pages For Different Ad Groups and Ad Sets

You can create high converting landing pages by personalizing the benefits for different demographic and psychographic profiles.

This of course would require multiple landing pages where the offer might be the same, but the way it’s presented is different.

Let’s say you have a coaching program for athletes.

With Facebook advertising, you might target women who are 21-35 who are into Yoga and Pilates.

facebook targeting women

You may also target men in the same age range, but change the interests category to mixed martial arts.

facebook targeting men

Both groups might be interested in your coaching program, but the Yoga group might be more focused on mindset and flexibility, while the MMA group would favor speed and endurance.

By creating separate landing pages, you’ll also be able to segment your traffic to understand which ad groups are converting the best on an initial lead level and sales level.

From there, you can double down on what’s working and let go of the groups that aren’t as interested as you thought.

It might take you an extra 15 minutes to do this, but if you’re serious about lead generation and getting the most bang for your ad bucks, then the data will speak for itself.


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Author: Sam Oh
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